The steady decline in my film viewing/reviewing reached its nadir in 2018, a year that would be considerably worse – and render this feature obsolete – had BFI’s 2017 edition of the London Film Festival not included some of 2018’s best UK releases. Having seen a dishearteningly scant few this year, creating a list of ten features was tough chiefly for having to write something adequately glowing about a film I may not have included given a larger net.

During a two-week off-work period (and then some), writing once again resumed, and so did the annual panic to catch the features contained in the innumerable deluge of early-December end-of-year lists: some of which find themselves alongside those that were destined to place since the beginning of the year.

On this page, you’ll find a link to each individual post – five in total, though more than likely to be fewer when stamina subsides – that reveal my favourites of 2018 in television and film, the best soundtracks of the year, and those of 2018 that I was not fond of at all.  Perhaps there will also be a preview of those I’m anticipating for the forthcoming year, but, by the time I write that, they may have all been released!

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