Director: Stuart Gordon
Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ken Foree
Spoilers Within: No

Originally posted 16th March 2016 on Letterboxd.

After watching the brilliant Society a few days ago, I’ve started a revival of classic body-horror that I’d somehow missed, carrying on with Stuart Gordon’s gloriously macabre Lovecraftian nightmare From Beyond.

It wastes no time in getting to the good stuff: opening with the Re-Animator himself Jeffrey Coombs taking a peek into the Resonator, a machine that allows whoever is within range to see beyond ordinary perceptible reality. The pre-title sequence throws us directly into what’s going on and sets up the device and its abilities in a brisk, stimulating few minutes, ending with a decapitation. This set-up is absolutely perfect in capturing your imagination and attention, and gladly, the rest of the film never breaks from this direction.


A bulk of the scenes would be baffling had we not been treated to such a concise introduction, so it’s possible to get completely lost in its insanity: including a 15-minute scene of Barbara Crampton in a bondage outfit, Jeffrey Coombs inhaling brains through eye cavities, and Ken Foree running around in his tiny underwear, all mixed in with some extremely gruesome and imaginative carnage. It’s a tremendous lot of fun to watch and definitely deserved of all the admiration it gets, even if it is unfairly given less love than Gordon’s previous.

Grade: B+