Director: Ciaran Foy
Cast: Shannyn Sossamon, James Ransome, Tate Ellington
Spoilers Within: No

Originally posted 22nd January 2016 on Letterboxd.

Much like it’s predecessor, Sinister 2 is replete with scenes that have fast become symbolic of its own brand of horror, and depending on how much you can ignore the absolute inanity and stupidity of the script, the poorly cobbled together plot, and, well, just about everything else, you may be able to source some pleasure from the truly grotesque snuff-videos.

When the narrative that unites these genuinely harrowing and macabre short films is so flimsy, it’s hard not to sell them short, and like its ancestor (although to a lesser extent) the binding drivel reduces the clout of these scary moments with typically ruinous crashes and clangs. Remember just how utterly horrifying the first murder scene was in the first film, or how unpleasant was the lawn-mower scene? There’s plenty similar here, and unsurprisingly that’s pretty much all the film has going for it, but these moments are now so overwrought with a style of horror that’s become much too common that they lose their impact one after the other, until it’s just a mess of grainy videos and annoying crescendos.


Though James Ransome and Shannyn Sossamon are a comely pair of leads to look at, their handling of any emotion above a shrug fails even to match Ethan Hawke’s dazed scowl from the first. But hey, on a positive note, at least it doesn’t build your up your interest only to squander it with a shitty reveal. It was the shitty reveal from the very beginning.

Grade: C-