Director: Damiàn Szifrón
Cast: Ricardo Darín, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Nancy Dupláa
Spoilers Within: No

Originally posted 25th February 2016 on Letterboxd.

Any anthology film is destined to be rated as separate entities, sometimes the final rating can suffer greatly based on one appalling entry against the multiple good, but in Wild Tales‘ case, it’s frequently a victory.

Every self-contained story revolves around the extremities of desperation and violence that people resort to under pressure; whether it’s pressure from family, work, the past, or a different external source. Each of these six stories are razor-sharp in their wit, humour and viciousness, and when it manages to combine all these elements at once it hits an exhilarating high that elevates even the weakest of the bunch.


The greatest segment is unquestionably ‘The Strongest’: a superbly tense short that starts as a story of Duel-esque road-rage, and results in one of most breathless Looney Tunes-style fight sequences of 2015. It doesn’t manage to hit this height again, and though it certainly gives it a praiseworthy shot, a few of the shorts take up a bit too much of the runtime and the pacing stalls. However, even at its worst (‘The Rats’, ‘Until Death Do Us Part’) Wild Tales is a consistently fresh and blackly comic compilation.

Grade: B+